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Good day everyone, today we are going to be looking into the review of the WordPress plugin: Blackhole for bad bots WordPress plugin having over 20,000+ Downloads from the view on WordPress Plugins.

A website suffering from an infestation of bad bots is liable to go down anytime soon in terms of SPEED, SECURITY, and also INCOME REVENUE.

Imagine having farmland, and you are growing PINEAPPLES, and all of a sudden, your farm gets infested with a lot of beetles and then eat up your fruits, OR excessive weeds start growing, and it occupies your farmland making competition with the pineapple crop for sunlight, space, and oxygen.

The Beetles are eventually going to lead to a slow down in the growth of the PINEAPPLE CROP, and this also applies to a website.

Bad bots are very dangerous and deadly to a site as they sniff out pieces of information from your site without permission, and also use up and waste server resources.

Bad bots are very irritating and are the worst. They perform all sorts of tricks and nasty stuff and waste server resources. The Blackhole for Bad Bots plugin helps to stop bad bots and save precious resources for legit visitors.

Good thing, the Blackhole for Bad bots plugin was designed by Jeff Starr. We get to end the career of a lousy bot with easy steps.

Before looking further into how this Blackhole for Bad Bots WordPress plugin stops the invasion of bad bots, let us know what a bad bot is…..


What are Bad Bots?

Bad Bots are bots that are capable of running without permission, performing illegal acts such as malicious thefts, damage if sites & networks, and lastly, stealing of data through DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks and other forms of aggression.

This implies spamming the website targeted with massive data requests that the server can’t handle. And this is why you should get the Blackhole for Bad Bots Plugin on your WordPress site.

Bad bots can perform some quite annoying tricks such as breaking into user accounts, submission of junk data via online and comment forms, and other spammy activities.

They are also able and capable of scraping out pieces of information and vital data and contents from the site without the user’s or owners’ permission.

With constant web and DDoS attacks like this given my bad bots, I can assure you that with time your website would start experiencing a website downtime.

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How Do You Know if Bad Bots Attack and Crawl a WordPress Website?

The right way of knowing and fishing out bad bots is the fact that they disobey ROBOTS.TXT.


For example, a good bot would obey and follow the instructions of this robots.txt by not crawling the WP-content/plugins/ file part, but on the other hand, bad bots would still crawl those file paths.

And you can show just the bots and crawlers that disobeyed your command given in your ROBOTS.TXT File

Another easy technique of fishing out bad bots is with your Google Analytics account, head on to your account, and begin filtering the traffic.

Exclude all terms and only allow bots and spiders; there you will see a mix of Good and Bad bots together.

But for you to know, the bad bots check for the IP with massive hits of data request.

Full Review: Blackhole for Bad Bots Security Plugin on WordPress

Blackhole for Bad Bots is a security plugin that performs on WordPress sites to take down unwanted bots from your website that causes harm and havoc to a site.

However, many other features or techniques can be used to block bots, but here we’ll deal only on the review of the blackhole for bad bot wp-plugin.


However, there are some excellent free security plugins out there, but when it comes to using the Blackhole for Bad Bots, you are given the option to buy the PRO VERSION or continue using the FREE VERSION. The prices of the PRO VERSION starting from $25 with a lot of exotic features everyone would like to have.




Strong protection against bad bots

Works with SSL/HTTPS

Works on any WP-capable server (e.g., Apache, Nginx, Windows)

.htaccess NOT required!

Works great with BBQ Pro

Lightweight, fast and flexible

Works with other security plugins

One-click restore default settings

Compatible with a growing list of cache plugins

Option to disable for logged-in users

Threshold control (number of allowed hits)

Custom email alerts

Custom messages for blocked bots

Custom redirect for blocked bots

Custom blackhole trigger links

Complete inline documentation

Whitelist bots by User Agent

Whitelist bots by IP Address

Redirect whitelisted bots

Set custom HTTP Status Code

Full-featured Bot Log with paging, sorting, and field search

Add bad bots directly to the Bad Bot Log

Geo/IP location lookups for each bad bot

Logs number of blocked hits for each bot

No advertisements

Can Blackhole for Bad Bots Really Protect WordPress Websites?

Blackhole for Bad Bots Plugin: The straight forward answer here is a big YES, Blackhole for Bad Bots, a niche-based security plugin built mainly for Restricting the Invasion of Bad Bots on a Website.

This also tends to free up your server requests, thereby increasing the speed of your website with great significance.

Removing as much as 2 seconds of site loading time or by 54% increase in loading speed

This Plugin works more precise and quicker than the all known WordFence and Cerber Dog Security plugin when dealing with trapping of bad bots specifically.

If you have the funds or money to purchase a bad bot shielder or a DDoS attack protector, Blackhole for Bad Bots is probably the best and NO 1. choice you should use for now.

From the reviews being gotten from customers, and server running personnel, then I can beat my chest and tell anyone that Blackhole for Bad Bots plugin is a premium plugin that one should get installed on his WordPress admin dashboard.

To clear all forms of unnecessary doubts, here are the top features of the Blackhole for Bad Bots Plugin.

Features of the Blackhole for Bad Bots WordPress Plugin

  • Email alerting with WHOIS lookup for trapped bad bots
  • Complete inline documentation via the Help tab
  • Provides settings to whitelist an IP address
  • Customize the message displayed to bad bots
  • One-click restore plugin default options
  • Compatible with other security plugins
  • Easy to clear off the list of bad bots
  • Easy to take down any bot from the list
  • Regularly updates and “future proof.”
  • Blackhole link includes the “no-follow” attribute.
  • Plugin options configurable via the settings 
  • Performs back-doors to protect your site
  • Whitelisting of known search engines bots

How to install the Blackhole for Bad Bots Plugin?

Below are the steps are given for one to install this Plugin on his/her website;

  1. Upload the Blackhole for bad bots plugin to your site and activate it
  2. Head on to the Plugin(Blackhole for bad bots) settings and copy the robots.txt command
  3. Paste and add the command to your robots.txt File on your site
  4. Set-up the Blackhole plugin settings to your preferred way and MOVE ON

How Does This BlackHole for Bad Bots Plugin Work?

After the installation of this blackhole for bad bots Plugin, the Plugin inserts a hidden or secret footer trigger link to your pages.

Fetch out the robot command line and add it to your robots.txt File, saying that all bots are forbidden to follow the hidden link.

All bots that tend to disobey and override the robot command line will crawl and get trapped into the blackhole plugin link. And your site becomes free of bad bots.

This is called the ONE-STRIKE rule, As all bots must obey the robots.txt of a website, and failure to follow would lead to trapping of the bots.

This only affects Bad Bots, and its impossible for human users to see the link, but bots see it, and the good ones obey.

Final Thoughts

Always monitor the amount of data requests made on your server to the amount of human traffic you get, set up your Google Analytics, and still make a record check of your BOTS and SPIDERS traffic to detect bad bots easily.

So if you are looking for how to stop bad bots, you are free to get hold of the Blackhole for Bad Bots Plugin on your WordPress site Today 100% SAFE.


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