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Although lots of people aren’t fans of physixal cash transfers settings, the Venmo App has still achieved a high grouth sprout within the few years and is gonna grow to carry much more transactions with time.

The Venmo app is working and available for both Android Operating System and iOS Platforms

Giving a clear statistic that forty million PayPal users were highly active Venmo and this is a sure signal to tell you Venmo is the App for success.

The Venmo app can also run on iPhone devices using android emulators, and also android phones using ios emulators. So, it made it possible for everyone to use this app irrespective of the operating system it runs on.

Venmo has good and clear privacy settings to make one transaction history visible and transparent or to alter making it highly private (i.e. payment history won’t be visible). Venmo has a good layout of simplified settings.

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How Do I Block Users On Venmo?

  • Tap on the 3 () lines icon.
  • Click on the button “Search People.
  • Move to the user’s profile page setup.
  • Hit the icon with 3 circles at the top, located at the right corner.
  • Tap on“BLOCK,” it has its appearance in red color.

NB: For changes to occurs, you would have to log out and restart the application after applying the block or any other change in settings.

What Happens After Blocking Someone on Venmo?

After one is blocked on Venmo, the blocked user would not be seen by you in the Venmo application. Also won’t show in your network as well as no result would appear when the names are being searched for.

All said above in the paragraph would happen precisely when one should also delete his/her Venmo account, no search results, and no user-visible to send payment to and also receive payment from either.

Either way, the user blocked wouldn’t be able to search for your account information, and they will not be able to send and receive payments in relation to you.

No Notification is sent telling a Venmo user that he or she has been blocked by you, so they’ll probably think you’re off Venmo (you deleted your account)

However, you could use a second or another different Venmo account to know and check if one has actually blocked you.

So two Venmo users cannot initiate a block consecutively unless done by both parties before a log out commenced, which is a highly rare occurrence

This means 2 Venmo customers cannot block each other. Except the two of them initiated an account block before logging out.

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How Do I Get to Unblock Users On Venmo?

Best Tips: How to Unblock Someone on Venmo [WORKING] 1

You may mistakenly block your friend, a Venmo user, and would want to correct that error which would be by unblocking the person immediately pending the person still has a valid Venmo account.

How to Unblock Someone on Venmo

Unblock Someone on Venmo Step 1

Kindly Open the Venmo App. This app icon looks like a “V” in the background. Search for the app or check your homepage icons.

Unblock Someone on Venmo Step 2

Tap the symbol (the three lines icon). Located at the upper left of your phone screen.

Unblock Someone on Venmo Step 3

Click on Settings. Located at the bottom of the menu of the Venmo App.

Unblock Someone on Venmo Step 4

Tap the button that says Privacy. The Venmo’s privacy settings will open.

Unblock Someone on Venmo Step 5

Click on Blocked Users. This would make all blocked people appear.

Unblock Someone on Venmo Step 6

Click precisely on the blocked user(s) you may wish to unblock.

Unblock Someone on Venmo Step 7

Tap (on the three dots icon). Located in the upper right, and a menu would be made visible.

Unblock Someone on Venmo Step 8

Click the Unblock button. Notification would pop up warning you unblocking a user.

Unblock Someone on Venmo Step 9

Hit on the Unblock button again for confirmation.
The user’s profile will be opened and they won’t be blocked on Venmo anymore.


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