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You have not heard of NFL? Definitely you are a new citizen of America. It is nearly impossible for any American to claim he or she has not heard of National Football League. Only the newbies would be ignorant of the NFL.

It is one of most popular sport shows in America, and every one has fallen in love with this sport league of American football. Gone are those days when baseball took the lead, now it is football.

In this article, we are going to show you how to watch the NFL on one of the American mass media telecommunications company, Charter Communications, also known as Spectrum, as we will be answering some top questions to your satisfaction.





For the purpose of those that don’t know, and even if you think you know the NFL well, sit back and read this part. You will find this part very interesting and just maybe, you don’t know the NFL well.

The NFL is an acronym for National Football League and it has its headquarters in the city of New York. What most people don’t know is that NFL is not its initial name.

Funny right? Just continue reading.

When it was founded on the 17th of September, 1920, it was founded as American Professional Football Conference (APFC) and it had its name changed to American Professional Football Association (APFA) between 1920 to 1921. After that season, the name was finally changed to National Football League for the following season. Taking a look back and calculating from this year, that’s 101 years.

Wow, that’s freaking long right? Yep, that is exactly how old the NFL is. Let’s continue

This league is not just any other league, as it acquires the highest attendance mean of 67,592, and after it completed a merger with American Football League in 1970, there was a competitive game called the Super Bowl, first held in 1967 that was organized to ascertain the overall champion of the two football leagues.

Like a grand finale, the best team in each of the two leagues then compete, and it has remain that the Super Bowl is one of the greatest most watched sporting events in the world, taking a place among the Nielsen’s Top 5 most viewed U.S television broadcasts as at 2015.

The NFL happens to be the wealthiest and largest professional football league with a mass revenue consisting of 32 teams, 16 each from the two leagues of American Football Conference (AFC) and National Football Conference (NFC).

The league partners with some TV institutes in the US like ABC (American Broadcasting Company), Fox, Amazon, CBS, ESPN and international TV institutions like Broadcasters.

Do you know the last winner of the NFL? Los Angeles Rams. Do you know who has the most titles? Green Bay Packers has the most titles, 13 actually. Anyway, that’s enough story. Let’s go into the next section

HOW CAN I WATCH NFL ON SPECTRUM?What Channel is NFL Network on Spectrum

Watching NFL games on Spectrum is not difficult, as their services are very much available to enjoy in 42 states in America. You can watch it in 3 ways. Don’t worry, we would be analyzing them now so you’ll understand it better.

  • On TV

Watch NFL on your TV without any stress. What you have to do is make a subscription to Spectrum Sports package. You can do this because the network is obtainable to a number of satellite and telco cable providers like DirecTV (channel 691 throughout Southern California, Las Vegas and Hawaii), Cox (available via channel 70/1070 in Palos Verdes, 71/1071 in San Diego, 66/1066 in Las Vegas and 65/1065 in Orange County), Charter Spectrum (channel 215 for SD and channel 787 for HD), AT &U-verse (available on viewers in Southern California with U100 package and above HD Channel 1777 and SD Channel 777).

When your subscription is complete, you can now access the NFL Redzone, by using your on-screen guide to locate where it is. If you don’t have Spectrum Sports on your satellite or cable provider, you need to inform the provider of your issue.

Who says you can view it on your mobile phone? Of course you can. Just follow the steps and you’ll be ok. First, download the Spectrum TV application on your phone. You can get it through the Android Play Store or the iPhone apple store.

After the installation, sign in to access your account. Select Spectrum as provider if you are a first time user. After this, make a search for NFL Redzone.

You can otherwise do this by downloading the NFL application on your phone, select Spectrum as your provider and sign in as a Spectrum account user to start watching. However, if you are just registering for the first time on Spectrum, you’ll have to wait for 24-72 hours before it can be authorized.

You can also watch it on the website too. Login to . Select authenticate now, chose Spectrum as your provider and login. Also, try to check for games updates, and schedules.


To answer Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can I get updates of NFL matches?

You can get updates on team info, schedules, groupings, matches and everything you need to know on the NFL website

  1. What other show can I get to watch apart from matches?

You get to watch programs like ‘Through the lens’, ‘Lakers Top 10’, ‘Sneaker Shopping, ‘Galaxy Top 10’, ‘Sports Shrine’ and many more.

  1. Can I stream online?

Yes, you can definitely stream online. Flow through the experience that game streaming gives through the use of mobile devices or personal computers.

  1. Can I recover my password?

If in a case you cant remember your password, do not fear. Just click this link or better still, go online to and click on ‘forgot username or password’ in the login section.


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