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Watching TV on mobile devices is one of the coolest and convenient way of relaxing and enjoying your time in a stress-free way.

In this article, we are going to teach you how you can watch TV on your Android mobile device.  So you don’t have to worry about watching TV when you’re grounded or when mom and dad do their parental thing.

As long as you have your phone with you, you can still watch your favourite shows and even discover new ones.


Everyone has been looking for a way to minimize the cost they spend on TV, yet you will not deny that sometimes, there’s this thought that pops up in your mind from time to time about you watching your shows right on your phone. Besides, the large TV is not for you alone, others will want to watch their favourite shows too, and since everyone does not have the same likes, you should consider watching your programs on your phone. Are you part of those wondering, ‘how can I watch TV on my Android phone? Maybe you’re thinking, ‘Hey, is it even possible?’ Of course it is possible, and that is what we are going to be explaining in this article. Let’s get right to it.


How big is your desire for personal TV where you can watch shows, movies, cartoons, documentary or sports? Don’t worry, without internet, you can still watch and get updates on your shows or programs. Continue reading to get the best idea on how to go about it.

First, know that even without connecting to internet, you can watch your preferred television programs on your phone.

Secondly, you can do this in various ways, using different phone applications depending on the one that catches your fancy. We would be discussing some of these ways so that you will understand better.


One of the ways you can watch TV on your phone is using Antenna. Not just any antenna, but using over-the-air antenna is one of the ways to watch your Televison channels for free without worrying yourself with data caps or even contracts of any kind. This medium provides you with the opportunity to view your local TV shows on your Android phone and you do not need to subscribe or pay for any satellite or cable services. As long as you have a good Antenna, you can have access to free over-the-air channels that are added to the basic packages of the cable providers, even though not all providers give free over-the-air channels


You can also watch TV on your Android phone using streaming services and apps. This is possible with the help of the streaming services that offer live TV, otherwise popularly known as skinny bundles because of their special features to modify the big bundles of channels and provide in their place, packages that are more affordable and can be easily incurred.

Also, these streaming services are available everywhere and almost all mobile phones, as long as they are modern and meet the required specifications. There are many of these services that streams live television.

Among the most popular of them all is FOX, DirecTV and Hulu. There are others too that offer sports shows too, depending on which one’s available in your region. You need to know that not all streaming services are available for use in markets.

However, this doesn’t stop your TV experience, all you have to do is background check which one is available and can be used to watch your local programs on your Android phone. You can do this via the websites which we would be dropping below.


Are you in need of a site or app where you can watch your favorite TV programs or series without going through the stress of internet connection? Then, you should consider going for streaming services.

There are many sites that you can do this on and some of them even have applications that you can download to make your streaming easier. Among them are Netflix, DIRECTV, fuboTV, Sling TV and Philo.

They don’t have the same list and order of shows, programs and movies, so we advise that you should check them out to know which one has your special shows.

We have gathered information about some of them and we are going to be discussing them, and you can then go for anyone that matches your need.

  • fuboTV

fuboTV is one of the best streaming service that you can use to watch TV programs. David Gandler, Alberto Horihuela and Sung Ho Choi founded this streaming television together on the 1st of January, 2015, and the company’s headquarters is in United States of America.

It was first launched as a streaming service for soccer, after which it changed its service to all sports event. The TV streaming service then expanded its wings into becoming a multi-channel service, even though it still prides itself as a  first sports channel.

Presently, the streaming service is now a virtual Multi-channel Video Programming Distributor model (vMVPD). Its services not only centres on sports alone but now cuts across major channels.

Its services are available in different locations across Canada, Spain and the United states. Over the years, fuboTV has grown to become a popular streaming service ever since it was founded, but just like every other streaming services, it has its own strength and weaknesses.

Its strengths include extensive channel selection, live sport containing show coverage on soccer leagues, cycling and so on, it is also 4k support.

Its weaknesses are not much, just that it does not have networks like CNN and TNT. Also, it has also gotten a little expensive (just a little).

However, fuboTV is still a great streaming service where you can rewind and also do a replay on live TV.

This function helps to view previous episodes of your favourite shows and content available are been aired on demand.

There is a page for great movies and there’s another for TV shows, you don’t have to watch everything live even though it is built to be a live TV. It can be streamed on mobile phones and tablets on the web  or application, which you can download on the Google playstore by typing fuboTv on the search box.


  • HULU

Hulu is a streaming service in America and it is co-owned by the Walt Disney company, holding the majority stake (67%) and the NBCUniversal having the minority stake (33%). It was launched to the air in 2007, as a TV network of different movies and many other television programs. Hulu is a great service to watch your preferred shows on your Android phone.

The TV company has different major channels like the national and regional sports channels, music shows and many more. Hulu became distinct and the company had its public image changed in a very branded way by adding ‘PLUS’ to its name, becoming the first to achieve this.

This streaming service is actually one of the oldest and most popular having a total of 45.6 million as at when recorded in April, 2022. One of the services offered by Hulu is Hulu on demand service and the other is the Hulu + Live TV service.

Hulu on demand service was established under the name “Hulu Plus” and it became official on November 17, 2010, even though in 2015, the brand name was changed and the “Plus” was removed.

It was also made available on different platforms like mobile devices and digital media players. In May 2016, Hulu made an announcement that “it had reached 12 million subscribers”. In 2018, there was another announcement that “it had reached 17 million subscribers”.

The second service offered by Hulu is Hulu + Live TV, which is a streaming service that has over 65 broadcast and cable-linked channels. Among them are feeds from CBS, NBC, ABC and Fox.

It also has channels like Nickelodeon, Paramount network, TV land, TeenNick, Nicktoons, MTV, BET, Comedy Central and many more. According to Disney, Hulu + Live TV had reached about 4 million subscribers.

Hulu is a great skinny bundle that, through its awesome services offers videos in a live TV, and this wonderful feature has placed the company in competition with other streaming services like Amazon, Sling TV and Netflix, (to be frank, one of the oldest competitors).

It also has a site and you can also download the app on your Google play store. Hulu also has its pros and cons.

The pros includes; it is not expensive, the contents are original and real, you can watch recent episodes of some selected programs and Hulu can be packaged with ESPN+ and Disney+. The cons includes; the show library is not large compared to other skinny bundles  and well, ads.


  • DirecTV

DirecTV is another popular streaming site where you can be connected into watching your shows and programs.

Over the years, the company changed its name several times, but as they say, “don’t judge a book by its cover”.

The name might change, but the professionalism has not, instead it improved. With DirecTV, you get the opportunity to stream those much loved local programs on your Android phone.

The streaming experience surmounts the satellite and cable experience with its multiple channels including sports networks and other local shows depending on where you live.

Just in case you need something different, unique and everything else you love about satellite TV and cable networks, you should definitely go for DirecTV.

It is bigger and has a much complete network that most of its competitors. Its strengths include; huge channel selection, nice sports coverage, excellent cable and satellite experience.

Its weaknesses are; Slower loading times and longer lag times than some competitors and more improvements should be made on the features of the content discovery. The website for this platform is and you can also download the app from your google play store.


You don’t need to worry yourself, in this article we have gathered to your satisfaction what you need to do to spice up your TV experience.

With the help of your Android phone, you can watch interesting movies, watch live sports and other shows without the internet. You can achieve this in different ways.

  1. First, you can receive and enjoy over-the-air channels that are packaged with cable providers. You should know that some of these cable providers do not give over-the-air channels, so you should make your inquiries before going for this.
  2. Another way you can watch TV on your Android phone is to get streaming services like Neflix, Hulu, fuboTV and so on. Don’t forget, there may be hindrances and limitations due to regions, you need to install a VPN service that will grant you access to these networks. The VPN will help you to cut through geographical barriers and allow you to watch your TV shows from anywhere in the world. Before you should choose the right VPN service, make your research about it to be sure it fits your need.
  3. You can watch TV live by using a device that includes an inbuilt tuner line set-top.
  4. The Google playstore on your Android phone can also help. Through the ‘channels’ feature, you have access to a platform of many TV programs that you can enjoy watching without connecting to the internet. Open the application on your Android phone and click on PlayStore, select the “channels” icon and make your selection.


Watching TV on your phone is as wonderful as it sounds. You don’t have to fight over TV anymore, neither will you miss any episodes of your favorite programs. At your ease, relax and watch on your phone in a very convenient way.

Your phone is a device that you can use, as it helps you save time and of course, money. For so little, you can still get to watch your shows by following any of steps stated above.

Have Fun and Happy Watching!


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