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Namecheap vs Bluehost (2020): Which is the Best?

by Repdex
bluehost vs namecheap

Good day everyone, today we are going to be looking at a very tough battle, Bluehost vs Namecheap which are two top companies in the world of hosting.

If you are Choosing a Hosting Platform or company alongside with selecting a Good Domain Registrar, Making a Bad decision can be exceedingly hurtful most times after realizing how much time and resources have gone.

That’s why one must take his/her time to select and pick out the best of the best amongst the top Companies.

To avoid trying to switch platforms and getting downtime during the process of transfer, which would definitely harm your (Search Engine Ranking Pages) SERPs and affect your rankings negatively.

So today, we are going to be taking an in-depth look at BLUEHOST vs NAMECHEAP comparison.

In the case of the Comparison, we are going to provide you detailed information, features and points making each company stand out and also letting you the which you think is going to be optimal for your site or most preferably the Best when comparing these TOP TIER COMPANIES (BLUEHOST VS NAMECHEAP)

By the end of this post, you would have a clear and structured, detailed, and well-examined knowledge on which Hosting Company and also Domain registrar is the BEST.

BLUEHOST vs NAMECHEAP. It can be tough determining the winner or top leading company between these Top Popular Hosting companies (Bluehost vs Namecheap). Both Companies have Great offers to their client, but in all, one must stand out in one way or the other.

BLUEHOST: The Bluehost Hosting Company: it’s Powerful Shared Hosting and WordPress hosting also which are 2 points required to put on your list when selecting your Hosting Platform for your Website.

They are top-notch in terms of speed and performance. The Bluehost Company is also presently NO.1 when it comes to discounts and promo services.

UPDATE NOTICE: Bluehost is currently running a DISCOUNT RATE of 65%, which is available in the month of APRIL 2020; make sure you CHECK OUT THIS PAGE and take the Advantage and Upper-hand of the on-going 65% discount. It would be unfortunate not to get hold of it. Whatever decision you make after reading this article, we aim for all readers to take MAXIMUM ADVANTAGE of the latest on-going PROMOTIONS and OFFERS. (after clicking, the discount would take place at CHECK-OUT). If there are any form changes, we will update this article to make sure all readers get the best prices.

NAMECHEAP: The Namecheap Company is well known for its Cheap Pricing for both initial pricing and also renewal pricing. Starting and Serving since the year 2001 and still delivering.

Has a sharp image built a firm and standing when it comes to consistency? The Namecheap was first starting as a Domain registrar only before it involved in its Hosting Platform.


Before looking any further into these two companies, let’s just take a look step to trace their history. Like I said earlier, the Namecheap company began in the year 2001, starting as a domain registrar before adding in the option/platform for Hosting choices and also on the other hand.

The Bluehost Company started in the year 2002 to date and hasn’t crashed by any means or chance.

It Began with a hosting platform before finally moving into being a domain registrar and a hosting platform together, which defines the total opposite history startup of the Namecheap company which has the edge over the Bluehost with a year difference starting in the year 2001 while the Bluehost beginning in the year 2002.



Bluehost vs Namecheap


  • FREE Domain Name for 1st year
  • FREE SSL Certificate Included
  • 1-Click WordPress Install
  • 24/7 Live Chat Support
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • Unlimited websites and storage (excluding the low-tier Basic package)
  • Automatic WordPress installs
  • Automatic WordPress updates
  • Easy WordPress staging sites

Bluehost has a lot to offer when it comes to freebies, imagine you get a free domain name when you want to GET STARTED on Bluehost which is going to save you expenses and keeps your pocket in place for your first year and other years to come when always getting in touch with their promotions and offers

UPDATE NOTICE: Bluehost is currently running a DISCOUNT RATE of 65%, which is available in the month of APRIL 2020; make sure you CHECK OUT THIS PAGE and take the Advantage and Upper-hand of the on-going 65% discount. It would be unfortunate not to get hold of it. Whatever decision you make after reading this article, we aim for all readers to take MAXIMUM ADVANTAGE of the latest on-going PROMOTIONS and OFFERS. (after clicking, the discount would take place at CHECK-OUT). If there are any changes from the end of Bluehost, we will try our possible best to update this article to make sure all readers get the best prices.

Bluehost also Gives a Money Back Guarantee of 30days and their Special Introduction Offer. Using the Bluehost company is a RISK-FREE TRIAL

The first price, which can be said to be called a promotional cost, is only applicable for the first year/month, after which the plans/package renews at its regular price/rate. Give it a trial as Bluehost is currently my Platform, and Hey, take a look at this site adorable, right? Then I give the go-ahead to pick Bluehost for a ride.

NOTE: If you cancel/stop your hosting plan/package within 30days of setup, You get a money-back guarantee.               



  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • Free website builder
  • The free website domain name and privacy protection
  • 50 Positive-SSL certificates
  • 14 -30-day money-back guarantee
  • 24/7 Customer Support

Namecheap, although tops in Domain registrar, for it, is its starting foundation, the Namecheap company also offers a free site migration of domain and also hosting from any platform to its very own.

The Bluehost has a money-back guarantee of 30days while that of Namecheap is 14-30days, which makes BLUEHOST the winner in terms of Money Back Guarantee.

BLUEHOST vs NAMECHEAP: Domain Registrar

A domain registrar can be simply said to be a company that takes care of the holding/keeping of domain names. 

Bluehost’s top game is its web hosting plan. However, the company gives a platform for domain registrations also.

In Bluehost, Domains cost over $11.99 for the first year of enrollment and also, the pricing tends to increase to over $17.99 in the second year and upper. Also, its domain privacy takes up a price of $11.88/year.

However, several packages come with their hosting plans, which is for FREE. Bluehost also gives a Free domain name to customers/users for the first year when you purchase a hosting package. 

The Namecheap Domain Registrar has a more solid foundation with them starting as purely a domain registrar before implementing its hosting.

Meanwhile, the Bluehost is also very good in terms of its domain registrar. At the Point of GETTING STARTED on Bluehost, you get to Pick a Free.COM domain name for your first without you paying a dime, saving you a lot from your wallet.

Namecheap is also more resourceful in domain keeping/banking, and its know for its well regular pricing.

Namecheap Domain Terms

Bluehost Domain Terms

Free Domain:



Extra .com Domains


BLUEHOST vs NAMECHEAP: Pricing & Plans

Both the Namecheap and Bluehost companies both offer unmetered bandwidth, SSL certificates, and a domain name for the first year, all free.

The packages support the freedom of unlimited websites in their hosting plans. The only demerits can be said to be A useful and interesting fact is that you would receive unlimited Live chat Support for those unlimited number of websites which you own.

Namecheap can give live chat support for up to 3 websites. Bluehost administers an Unlimited SSD Storage with all plans or packages exception of the cheapest plan, which has a storage of 50GB.

While on the other hand, Namecheap cant delivers high SSD storage compared to Bluehost, having its cheapest plan with only 20GB of storage and also having a 50GB storage with its most expensive method. 

Namecheap just covers up with low prices which could slump later on because they don’t provide quality features and ADD-ONS such as the Bluehost which offers quality features and ADD-ons which makes it be able to stand firm on to the price

Starting up with Bluehost costs between $2.95-$13.95 per month, which depends on the irrespective plans you choose to pick.

Just like I said earlier, both the first their and second-tier policies cost the same for the first year. Advantages for picking the choice plus plan on Bluehost is that your first reign of usage can last as long as 2-3yrs which takes away your mind from renewal pricing.

Bluehost has one of the best offers on shared hosting right now, so you’re getting a deal reading this article.

(If you JOIN via the promotion page, you’ll get 65% off. (At Check-Out Page) as said earlier above, this offer is available right now in February 2020; Update will if there are any better promotions).



Free Domain:



Free SSL:



SSD Storage:

20 GB

50 GB

Free Backups:



TOP Ratings:



Promo 50% OFF

NAMECHEAP vs BLUEHOST, Which is more cost?

Just Like the name sounds, “Namecheap.” Its prices flow to the word cheap in its name. Bluehost, although known for its quality and top-notch reputation have slightly higher rates.

They are a little more cost than Namecheap with just 9 cents, Which is very reasonable compared to the features and extras they always throw unto their customers.

Also, many Namecheap users complain a lot about brute force attacks on their websites, which simply implies that Namecheap is more vulnerable to threats, unlike Bluehost, which is very safe in security terms relating to that of NameCheap.

Ease Of Use (User-Friendly)

As a Newbie into hosting, you’ll probably want to go with a provider that makes things as easy and user-friendly as possible.

The next steps are for you to caress with your site and add contents, a lot for good site traffic, and also this is where the case of user-friendliness falls in, a new user into hosting would find it hard to operate complicated hosting platforms. Namecheap and Bluehost are good selections when relating to the Simplicity of use. 

Also. Bluehost takes things way higher up above Namecheap by giving individual dedicated support for newbies/beginners. The support which would guide you in theme installation, plugin installation, and lastly, website launching. Instantly for free.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization, also and most known as the term (SEO), is a science that is present in the world of blogging. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Understanding is the key to success in one’s Website. Faithfully using Bluehost, it has its own embedded SEO TOOL, unlike Namecheap, which is going to require to download plugins on WordPress or use paid SEO tools online.

Hosting Packages & Plans

WordPress Hosting

Bluehost is a recommended host of WordPress and is currently hosting more than 850,000 WordPress websites. So you’re in good company! If you’re worried, WordPress is a little complicated to use, BlueHost is a great solution. Its seamless integration with WordPress.org makes hosting your site a piece of cake.

WordPress highly recommends Bluehost mainly because of its easy usage, and also it gives a 1-CLICK WordPress Installation freely, which gets your Website started and running within 3-5mins; Sounds exciting, right? If u wanna check out more on this feature, kindly CHECK OUT THIS PAGE (on there, you’ll learn how to get Bluehost cheap hosting + WordPress CMS + Free Domain + Free SSL + No Ads for $2.95 instead of getting the same thing at wordpress.com for $25).

Recommended as the BEST HOSTING COMPANY Since 2005.

Kindly take a look this below;

BLUEHOST. Has been recommended by WordPress sine 2005, after which Bluehost started in 2005 just to show you the level of quality and consistency to their tools and features in which the Bluehost company embeds in their WordPress hosting Platform. Their Basic plan gives way more weight than the Stellar Plan for that of Namecheap.

Namecheap offers a splendid WordPress hosting service but lacks a lot of additional features on its hosting plans. However, BLUEHOST has three-tier packages that beat down Namecheap as a whole, mainly in its SSD storage capacity. If you pay extra, you can get as much as 100GB SSD storage. Bluehost has unlimited storage features in all of its managed plans available. Namecheap’s CROWN is when it comes to pricing. Using Namecheap would drag you behind between $3.88 & $$11.88, which solely pricing. depends on the package you choose to use.

Namecheap Wordpress

Bluehost Wordpress

Websites Amount



Free SSL



SSD Storage

10 GB

50 GB

Free Domain



Marketing Credit







VPS Hosting

Bluehost has several VPS strategies using all the only commencing at $19 per calendar month, online present. The scalability here is pretty straightforward. The second tier provides you with a device that as successful as the previous one and costs almost twice as far. The cost of the next grade is currently just as far since the last one, as well as the system, will be double as successful. Regardless of what program you opt for, you receive a lot of capabilities together.

Namecheap Prices beginning at $11.88 thirty days, and there’s simply another package then, that will set you back $19.88 30 days. Therefore there is no requirement to be worried about needing to cover another right following your semester expires. Unlike many additional providers, Namecheap presents fixed-price renewals. Both machines tend to be less or more akin to everything You’d get with the Typical and Best packages of Bluehost but quite a bit more economical.

Namecheap VPS

Bluehost VPS

Free Domain




2 Cores

2 Cores








1 TB

1 TB




Unknown Fees




Customer Support

Both Bluehost and Namecheap provide good quality support. Each has an extensive knowledge base, containing articles and tutorials to help users troubleshoot any problems they may be having.

Namecheap also provides 24/7 email support, which is solely based on tickets and live chat systems, and Bluehost 24/7 gives a live chat and even a phone number to call and express any issues on the line. With this, if you prefer the Phone support, Goto Bluehost, and enjoy their support 24/7, otherwise, you are free to stick with Namecheap.

However, this is two both great support 24/7, which I have tested personally, and I can say go for anyone of your choice. #Be #Free.


Selecting a hosting provider which works well and ensures rapid loading times is essential. Thus, we’ve analyzed both Bluehost and Namecheap to give you a good notion about what you may expect concerning functionality from those hosting providers.


BLUEHOST vs NAMECHEAP. (BLUEHOST)In a better position, you’re taking a look in the instance of Bluehost. The company page-loading rates tend to float in occur in Four-hundred and SIX(ms) at all times. Meanwhile, on other hosting companies, you do get some changes occasionally but that the corporation has been very in line with its rates in 2019.

Bluehost is one of the fastest providers on the market Page loading speed was a bit of a problem for Namecheap earlier 2018, but the provider does in that section. At the moment, you can get rates of approximately 625 ms Normally.

On the other hand, they get to reach as close to one minute, although there are periods where you may always see speeds of under 500 ms. 625 ms isn’t a fantastic result, but it isn’t horrible either, so I’d say the rates at Namecheap are entire ordinary.

BLUEHOST vs NAMECHEAP. (NAMECHEAP)The Page Loading speed proved to be a challenge to Namecheap earlier 2018, but the provider is currently doing much in that section. At the moment, you can expect speeds of approximately 625 ms Typically.

There are periods; however, other times, they can reach close to 1 minute. 625 ms isn’t a fantastic result, but it isn’t horrible. Therefore I’d say the rates at Namecheap are within an average range. However, while taking a look at Bluehost, the difference is the case, cos you are making a glimpse into a far better situation in terms of speed. Bluehost is well-known for its SEO tactics and speed increase.

The corporation’s average page loading rates tend to hover at around 406 ms most of the time. Just like most businesses, you do acquire some changes occasionally, but overall that the organization has been in line in 20-19 with its rates. With a speed of 406 ms, Bluehost Is one of the fastest suppliers on the market.


Namecheap says it has a 100% server uptime, that’s a lie should I say an exaggeration to get new customers, of which I have used both companies it has a real server uptime of 99.2% in the year 2019. However, there are still working to give optimal services in terms of uptime guarantee. No Company doesn’t experience a server downtime.

Bluehost holds a record of 99.99% server uptime as of the last year 2019. Surprisingly Bluehost promises 99.99% server uptime guarantee, and HEY they just kept to their words.

Bluehost has kept to its CROWN in hosting quality, and I don’t think Namecheap as a company can dethrone Bluehost from is #1 BEST HOSTING COMPANY rank for now.



If you are a beginner and you are looking forward to a great site with many features to help the success of your blog or Website. If you are such a person, then I suggest you go for Bluehost.

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Bluehost has unlimited hosting and many other exciting features that one would love to enjoy and also enriching PROMOTIONS and OFFERS in which everyone would want to participate.


If you just want to only care about the price and nothing else, Namecheap gives low fee prices and cheap upfront fees if there are any.


Namecheap stands up to Bluehost, it being a domain registrar. Bluehost, which is among the best hosting companies worldwide, isn’t stopping for no reason, they earned their position, however, in the area of hosting, Namecheap has been putting efforts and trying hard to beat the reach. But for now, BLUEHOST TOPS THE BATTLE.

It is Perfectly Advised to Use Namecheap as DOMAIN REGISTRAR and use Bluehost as your HOSTING COMPANY.

It is Perfectly Advised to Use Namecheap as DOMAIN REGISTRAR and use Bluehost as your HOSTING COMPANY.


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