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All About The Infinix XOS, The New Customized UI Design

by Repdex
Infinix XOS customized user interface

The Infinix Mobility brought in a sub-division of the Android OS, an interface used on the markup of the infinix phone to make the UI more friendly and interactive.

XOS had its launch as the “XOS Chameleon,” and this was launched primarily on the HOT series of the Infinix Mobile.

The Mobile Phones in which this customized UI was launched in August on were the INFINIX HOT S and the HOT 4. However, the XOS was officially Launched on the infinix smartphone NOTE series known as the INFINIX NOTE 3. 

The whole concept of XOS was to give a well designed and organized interface, so the XOS UI brought its unique features and effects, as well as designs to engage Infinix Mobile Phone users to have optimal engagement on their smartphones.

Features of the Infinix XOS Customized User Interface

Here are the unique features embedded into the Infinix XOS, making it stand firm and more durable than other previous User Interfaces like the ‘XUI.’

Below are some of these few features:

Smartphone Speed

The Infinix Mobile’s XOS has been able to work out a right amount of increase in speed, as it has been able to pre-install optimizing apps design to clear the memory of the phone when heavy to prevent LAGs, also it has improved the efficiency of multitasking and sensors picking speed at its optimal staus as it kills heaviness with it JUNK cleaners.

The Infinix XOS UI is known to come with highly efficient glazing and lightning speed, which hastens the hovering and navigation of icons on your infinix smartphone.


The build of the XOS has now made smartphones to be able to be compatible with infinix mobile, permitting the management of installed and stored fingerprints through its FingerPrint Manager system app.

This has made it possible for infinix smartphone users to be able to protect all files, folder, photos, and images synced on their mobile devices with a fingerprint lock and easy unlocking then the fingerprint registered via the fingerprint manager is placed on the fingerprint sensors which can be located at the rear cover or side of the smartphone.

However, new smartphones in the year 200 now have in-screen fingerprint sensors.

Mobile Phone Security 

The XOS UI termed as chameleon has made it possible to tighten your infinix smartphone security by updating its inventory with more preventive and safety methods and techniques.

This helps to make your Privacy their no one priority and helps the occurrence of hacking and limits access to your phone, blocking all forms of suspicious attempts and locks unrecognized SIM cards.

Have you heard of the Freezer and Xhide features?

His helps you to block all kind of network traffic unwanted and also hides your apps from the public.

It also gives you a platform that gives you full permission to lock all your applications on your infinix mobile smartphone. This is done by the Xmanager built under the XOS. 

Design and Style

Infinix XOS has introduced a unique design and style on its smartphones, and the Infinix XOS has made storage space, data, and battery to be effectively managed to its efficient use. 

Xthemes & Lock feature features embedded on the XOS have made a stylish UI with its wallpapers, and it well-designed Notifications pop-ups on the lock screen. It makes it possible to switch wallpapers automatically and randomly through SHUFFLE APP.

Triple or three fingers-screenshot

The all in one fingers feature is the 3fingers-screenshot introduced by XOS for Infinix smartphones.

XOS allows you to take screenshots of your screen and photos through making a swipe by hovering your three fingers over the screen.

This implies that you don’t have to head on to the volume and power buttons to press them simultaneously.

Infinix Smartphone users can navigate through Saved pictures, posts, and videos, as well as links. There are also some top-notch features of the XOS such as:


Xcloud uses for storing images and videos and documents on the cloud.


it makes it possible to share and transfer documents, photos, and videos.

To mention a few. We still have Battery saver, Xclub, and Ultra Power.

The XOS UI built by Infinix mobile is indeed the best UI, which makes its android phones to be Fast, Safe, and Well-Designed.

XOS is available and compatible running on the INFINIX, both NOTE, and ZERO series.

List of Infinix Phones Using XOS

Smartphone NameSeriesPhone Prices
Infinix S5 S-series53,000 Naira (Rs. 8,999)
Infinix S5 LiteS-series42,500 Naira
Infinix Hot 8HOT-series36,500 Naira (Rs. 6,999)
Infinix Hot 8 LiteHOT-series32,500 Naira
Infinix Note 6NOTE-series67,000 Naira
Infinix Note 5NOTE-series56,000 Naira (Rs. 7,499)
Infinix Smart 3 PlusSMART-series39,000 Naira (Rs. 6,999)
Infinix Note 5 StylusNOTE-series52,990 Naira (Rs. 15,999)
Infinix Hot 7 ProHOT-series39,900 Naira (Rs. 9,999)
Infinix Smart 2SMART-series29,000 Naira (Rs. 4,499)
Infinix S4S-series48,500 Naira (Rs. 8,999)
Infinix Hot S3XHOT-series59,000 Naira (Rs. 9,999)
Infinix Zero 5ZERO-series95,000 Naira (Rs. 17,999)
Infinix Note 5 ProNOTE-series57,500 Naira
Infinix Hot 7HOT-series32,900 Naira
Infinix Smart 2 HDSMART-series23,500 Naira
Infinix Zero 6ZERO-series103,000 Naira
Infinix Smart 2 ProSMART-series38,000 Naira
Infinix Hot 6XHOT-series42,500 Naira
Infinix Hot 6HOT-series33,900 Naira
Infinix Hot 6 ProHOT-series49,500 Naira

Head on to Infinix Xclub and get Official notifications and updates on XOS versions and Infinix Mobility as a whole.

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