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Gaming videos are more popular than ever in 2021. Mobile and PC gaming videos are widely shared on different streaming platforms. On YouTube, two out of 5 channels with the most subscribers are related to gaming, which you can run on your iOS or Android.

Many gamers share their videos to build an audience. There is a lot of competition between gamers on online platforms for building an audience. You can also become famous on online platforms by sharing high-quality gaming videos. Read on to know some editing tips for gaming videos that can attract an audience.

Use a Video Editor for Your Gaming Videos

Which editing tool do you use for editing your gaming videos? An effective video editing tool can help you in creating professional gaming content in less time. Many gamers use the built-in editing options of their PCs to edit their videos. The built-in editing options offered by PCs are limited and cannot help you create professional gaming content.

A reputed games video editor will offer many editing options, including advanced options. With the interactive interface of a games video editor, you can create professional gaming content quickly. If you have just started sharing gaming videos, a video editor can help you learn basic editing techniques. You can use a free version of any popular video editor to get started with making gaming videos.

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Adding editing touch is a must to your gaming videos for catching the attention of viewers. Audio overlays in your gaming videos can be fixed with the help of a video editor. You also need to filter out any offensive language used in your videos during the editing process. A gamer should also learn the basic editing skills to get the best out of their gaming videos.

Record Your Games With the Right Setting

Not everything can be left to be done during the video editing process. If games are running poorly on your PC, the resulting gaming video would also be of low quality. The first step is to get a modern-day PC/desktop that offers high-resolution gaming with good graphic quality. If your PC does not have a high graphic card, make sure you record games that can run fluently without any lag.

Any stutter or texture popups in your recorded gaming videos will not appeal to the audience. You need to maintain a minimum resolution of around 1080 pixels to catch the attention of viewers. Make sure your gaming videos are recorded in 60 frames per second for the best viewing experience. You can open the game settings and make sure you run it in the highest available resolution.

Once you record videos in high quality, you will have to put fewer editing efforts. Many gamers have to remove those parts from their gaming videos that aren’t running smoothly. It hinders the viewing experience as the gaming video will not be continuous. To ensure a seamless viewing experience, make sure you record your gaming videos in high resolution.

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Make Color Adjustments

Most of the games let you make color adjustments via the game settings. Make sure you use an effective color scheme that offers the best viewing experience. If the colors in your gaming videos pop out, it will catch the attention of viewers. Viewers on online platforms do not prefer dull colors in gaming videos.

Besides color adjustments, you also need to focus on your gaming videos’ brightness, contrast, and brightness. A games video editor can help you in managing the color composition of your videos. Increasing contrast and saturation can make the colors pop out from your gaming videos. High contrast videos are more pleasing to the eyes and will collect more views on online platforms.

Trim Your Gaming Videos

There is no point in posting a lengthy game video on social media platforms. Users do not prefer a video that is lengthy and contains unnecessary elements. Short and effective gaming videos can generate more views on social media platforms. Also, online platforms have restrictions on the file size of videos that can be shared.

You can use a video editor to trim your game videos and remove the unwanted elements. For example, consider a part in your gaming video where you are opening/loading the game. You can remove such parts from your video with the help of a video editor. You can only keep the gameplay in your video to provide relevant content to the audience.

Add Transitions to Your Game Videos

When you have multiple video files and need to bring them together, transitions are the best way to do so. You can add an effective transition to switch from one gaming frame to another. However, you need to make sure the transitions in your gaming videos are smooth to offer the best viewing experience.

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Make sure you add a transition to your video when the object/person is in motion. Several games have built-in transitions during the gameplay. You can also use a video editor to add transitions to your game videos. Besides transitions, you can also add filters, stickers, animations, and much more to your gaming videos with a video editor.

Don’t Forget to Add Audio to Your Game Videos

The viewers will skip a silent video without any audio. To make the videos catchier and engaging, you can add music or voiceover to your gaming videos. Some online games that include a team allow teammates to talk to each other with a mic. 

For videos that only contain the game sound, you can add a catchy audio track to catch viewers’ attention. Make sure the volume of the audio track is less than the original game sound. A video editor can help in adding background music to your game videos.


Besides adding editing efforts, make sure you give your best while playing an online game. With better gaming abilities and editing efforts, you can build a huge online community. Start making engaging game videos in 2021! 


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