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Russia GosLoto 6/45 Evening for today’s HIT JACKPOT has an estimated amount of Py6 39.5 million! Stand a chance TODAY! The Russia GosLoto 6/45 Evening Daily Lotto is a great lottery game giving a maximum 99.99% assurance of a great hit jackpot for every draw made.

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RUSSIA GOSLOTO results, numbers: Get the RUSSIA GOSLOTO results here

Hello there! Are you pumped up for the Russia GosLoto 6/45 Evening Daily Lotto draw on Monday, 15 November? Get to stand yet another great chance and check out if you stood on the plane of erecting as one of Russia GosLoto’s latest Daily Lotto winners.

So you’ve gotten to decide to Play then you might just as well strike gold here 🎺🎺.

Ready? Let’s take a shot at the Jackpot and Kudos!

Russia GosLoto 6/45 Evening Results Jackpot for 15/11/2021 is estimated at Py6 39.5 million!

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Russia GosLoto 6/45 Evening Results Winning Numbers

Russia GosLoto 6/45 Evening Results WINNING NUMBERS
15/11/2021 Pending
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