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The Popular Adult aligned video game producer company Nutaku mentioned the new Project QT, as their latest top and free game for Android. The Unfolding game give a hybridization of puzzle gaming mechanics with exciting RPG combat, heroes upgradable and a leak of nudity or open clothing.

In Project QT game, a scientist running an experiment with a blackhole got to open up, releasing an infection with aliens all over that is ready to finish humans. The Objectives is to fight and defect these infections and aliens with the most sophisticated and powerful weapons ever seen, with sexy monster girls.

Game players would get to setup their girls and push them into battle in a style mixing puzzle game mechanics to a well played combat.

The bottom half of the screen displays a puzzle board where players align line between different coloured pieces to make and ordain moves on the gaming board.

Once a move has been initiated, the team of over four (4) beautiful monster girls battle for the win. Engage in the right moves and you’ll leave the enemies defeated in the heated battle.

All of these super fighters all start at a single-star ranking and would be upgraded subsequently to 5-star😎😋😋. Upgrades get to improve and increase their power and would also get to open and reveal some unlocked scenes for players to enjoy. Overall, the game shows out more than fifty animated Adult and H-scenes.

Project-QT-Apk game

This is a free-to-play game so Nutaku is gotta monetize surely, so you may need t pay cash on some premium packages, goods or currency (game coins) if you want o upgrade faster than the usual pace.

Project QT is the first H-game (erotic game) developed by a Hong Kong-based developer, So you could go ahead and take a good view of this game!

You can now download Project QT at Nutaku right now [NSFW] or get it via the company’s updated-released Android Game Store [NSFW].

So, What do you think of Project QT? What’s your favourite game that mixes and hybridizes the puzzle and game battle mechanics? Drop in the comments below!😎😎

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