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Sharing the location of where we are is not a new thing, as people do it for various causes. Even though our whereabouts should only be shared to trusted ones, family and close friends can, at any time initiate communication should in case any issue comes up. In this way, they can locate us easily and connect to us.

Advancement in technology has made the practice of this knowledge very easy, as we can even share our locations right on our mobile phones.

You can share directions of places like a movie theatre, a restaurant, an hotel, a library or a newly built park to a new friend who just came into town.


Sweet right? Yeah, from the comfort of your mobile device, whether iOS or Android.

However, as good and as sweet as this sounds, there may also arise some reasons why we may not like to make our whereabouts known. You may decide to go somewhere unnoticed.

Also, important information can be breached and can get into the wrong hands, especially if it has to do with danger. We may not really want all our goings and comings to be known at all times.

If you desire to go somewhere alone secretly and you don’t intend on giving out your location, then this article is specifically for you.

In this article, 4 detailed steps on how to stop sharing locations would be explained, both on iOS and Android devices.


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The Airplane mode is a distinguished feature characterized by the symbol of an aeroplane. It is so, because air passengers are asked to turn their phones mobile connections off. This is perhaps the most simplest step, as airplane mode, also known as flight mode turns off every applications that uses cellular networks. TURN ON AIRPLANE MODE

This means no notifications, GPS, calls and SMS’s. All connections are completely off through the use of this in-built mode, which is virtually common to almost every mobile devices. With this mode turned on, phones cannot be monitored or located, since the device has been muted.

  • OR ANDROID USERS: You can turn on the airplane mode very easy by swiping down the home page to view the settings platter. You’ll see the airplane mode icon or in some phones, flight mode icon. Tap on it and you will noticed all networks will be off immediately. Also, you can try turning it on via the settings icon. Tap on settings in your apps page, and then tap on connections. You will see some icons like Bluetooth icon, Wi-Fi icons, Airplane mode icon and Mobile Hotspot icon. Tap on the Airplane icon and you have successfully turn off location.

airplane mode on android


  • FOR IPHONE USERS: If you are an iPhone user, swipe up to view the quick settings platter. However, some iPhones require you to swipe down from the right. You’ll see the airplane mode and then, tap on it. The icon will turn orange when it’s on. Also, you can access it from the control panel or from settings icon.

airplane mode on iphone



‘Share my locationis a feature that enables your location to be known to friends and family. Those that you have connected to will see and know where you are. In case you desire to quickly go somewhere urgently and discreetly, you can also turn it off, without them knowing. This can be done in various ways, both for android users and iOS users.

  • FOR ANDROID USERS: This is how to turn off location sharing if you are using an android mobile phone. Swipe down your home page to see the quick settings platter. You will the location icon. The symbol is like a drop of water. Tap on it and you will turn it off. You can also access it on the settings icon. Tap the settings icon and scroll down to see the location panel. Tap on it and you will turn it off. No one will be able to record your whereabouts anymore.

turn on location on android

  • FOR IPHONES USERS: Are you an iPhone or iPad user? No worries, we have you covered. You can also turn off location sharing too. Just go to the settings icon. Look for privacy and tap it. From there, go to location services and tap on share my location. Turn the location sharing off. You can also do this through the ‘Find My App’. Click on it and tap on the people tab. Tap on it, select who you want to un-share locations with and tap stop sharing. You have successfully stopped sharing your whereabouts to the person.



GPS Spoofing is the act of deception, a hoax or a joking prank of changing the real location of your GPS into a fake one, making it look as if you are somewhere when actually you are not.

When used, it presents a false interference of your location to your receiver, in another place or another time. Spoofing your Global Positioning Satellite system is now easy, unlike before when it was formally used for military purposes.

To falsify your location, all your need is to get the GPS spoofing app on your mobile device and activate them. It immediately presents a fake location so that you can be out of the reach of apps and people that monitor your movements or pry into your private wanderings.


Some of these apps that you can use for Android includes;

  • Mock location app: This app provides you with the opportunity to alter the correct location to a false one. Rated 4.0 on play store and one of the top ten best spoofing apps, this app has very easy to understand guidelines to change a route map and to change locations discreetly. Once enabled, all apps that have access to your location will be alternated and no on will know where you truly are at a particular time. However, you are only provided with a 24 hour free trial, after which you will have to pay right there on the app to enjoy its full features.
  • Fake GPS Go Location Spoofer: This is also one of the best GPS spoofing apps that you can use. It helps to change your current proximate location into somewhere else without been tracked. Travel from one location to the other without moving at all. Once you have chosen your fake location, it will be inserted into your phone’s GPS without stress. Download the latest version (5.6.1) and enable it by giving it permission in your developer settings.
  • Mock GPS With Joystick: Enjoy moving free from one place to the other without the watchful eyes of anyone through the use of this app. It resets your GPS to an unreal one, and other apps accessible to your location will be affected as well to receive the unreal GPS as real.
  • GPS emulator: If you are not interested in the above GPS spoofing apps, I’m sure you will be interested in this. It helps to navigate your phone to any location in the world. This app sets up a falsified GPS location so that other applications in your mobile phone believes you are there, when in reality you are not.  There is no complex feature in this app, it is as simple as A,B and C. Download and enjoy your spoofing.
  • Fake GPS With Lexa: This app is created by Lexa, the developer. This app offers users with great spoofing experience, as well providing enhanced features for professional users. Have fun reporting your mobile device from one location to another, and the best part is that it has no cost attached to it. It is free to download.
  • Fake GPS location With Hola: You want to combine your spoofing with VPN? This is the spoofing app for you. This app is backed up by a Hola VPN provider and like other spoofing apps, this one also falsify your location and you can even hide the places you have searched for in the search box. You can also combine it with another VPN, depending on your choice. It is also absolutely free for users.

Some GPS Spoofing apps for iOS users includes;

  • Sygic GPS: This is one of the most advanced GPS spoofing apps on for iOS mobile devices. It is a good navigation app that allows you to view places and locations without you moving an inch from where you are. You can also change GPS to a fake one temporarily and you can also play jokes by sharing fake addresses of your locations to friends. It also has a voice command, it is offline and it can perform some of its enhanced features without using internet. Cool right??
  • My GPS: Coordinates Another cool spoofing app you can try as an iPhone user, this app enables you to conveniently share unreal GPS locations of your whereabouts. You can also use it to change your location and it would be initiated on your other apps. What’s more, you can send a picture of your fake location to make it look more real.
  • Toolab AnyGo: As the name implies this app allows you to go anywhere without moving. With this app, you can change your in almost sat the same moment without stress. This advanced app can even make you spoof videos and pictures from wherever you are.
  • Location Faker: Awesome app this is, location faker is a nice app to you as an iOS user to spoof your GPS location. It has grown to be among the best spoofing apps that you can use when it comes to versatility and accessibility in quickly changing your location from anywhere in this world. It also helps to prevent websites and applications monitoring your wanderings.


You can also use another iPhone to stop sharing locations, though this is only possible if both mobile devices have their login ins on the same Apple ID.

If so then login into the iPhone profile panel from the settings and tap to turn on share my location. While that is done, use another iOS device and tap to access the ‘Find My App’. Login to the ‘Me’ icon and select ‘Use this iPhone as my location’.


While that is done, the GPS Coordinates of the first iPhone will be to all apps and friends while the second iPhone can be taken anywhere with it GPS Coordinates hidden away in secret.

What your apps , family and friends will be seeing is the location of the first iPhone, while the second can not be known. In this way, another phone will be your cover while you go on to wherever you desire. Intelligent right?



In this article on repdex, we have given you 4 powerful steps to follow to stop sharing your locations without hurting family and friends and without their awareness.

You can either put your phone in airplane mode or flight mode, or turn off location icon. You can also use GPS spoofer apps which are of different types.

Probably you might be interested in using another iOS device as your umbrella, even though it is specific for iOS users. However not all apps work on both Android and iOS devices, some are specifically designed. Don’t feel bad if you are an Android user, irrespective of what you choose, you will still be able to be as discreet as possible.

Whether you are an Android mobile phone user or an iOS user, all you have to do is follow these steps and you will get the results you are looking for. If you want to be as stealth and quiet in your whereabouts as possible, this one is for you. The choice is yours of the 4 steps, choose the one that best fits your preference.

Now, you can keep away prying eye off your back, enjoy your private dealings and still accomplish the activity you planned for. We believe you understand these 4 steps on how to stop sharing location without anyone knowing.


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