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Project QT MOD APK Download (Unlimited Character/Free Skill Gems)

Project QT: Full MOD APK Description

Project QT MOD APK Download Unlimited Character Free Skill Gems

Really feeling the gameplay of the New and refined Project QT MOD APK (Unlimited Coins/ Gems). Such a good and yet free online game with various tokens, Resouces, chapters, and features all Unlocked, unlimited Coins, and Gems with several unlocked characters, spots and even cheats with much more crazy technologies added. You would also get stuff like God Mode, High Damage, and also Auto Win features.

Project QT is an Anime categorized RPG game with good unifying visual graphics that give satisfaction to anime fans. Nutaku just released the latest version of the project QT Mod. A simulation game with unlimited adventure and addictive fun for all gamers in the virtual world.

This Project latest mod is developed officially by Nutaku (the developers of the game).

The game occurs in a parallel world with technical methods and dimensional tactics, make use of several ways and styles with your monster girls, each holding her unique abilities.

Master the craft of this game and protecting the world from the evil monsters and aliens coming to destroy the world. Download Project QT MOD and fight for the Worlds protection.

The Project QT mobile apk game isn’t available on the Google play store platform, and this is because it is under Nutaku who are the official developers of this App. So you would find it available on the official website, as Google PlayStore doesn’t permit the display of anime-based and hentai applications. This is the big reason why Nutaku has all its games hosted on their platform and not on PlayStore.

So many anime fans who love games are interested in the project qt app. And this is why so many of anime fans are looking to download the Project QT Mod Apk 2021.

Here on RepDex we have made an update to the latest version, in order to download the mod, hit the Download button given below.

We have updated the mod to the latest version updated a few days ago. To Download the Mod, Click on the Download Button Given above.

This Nutaku game has a lot of fantastic adventures to see. Come and engage in a relationship with these sexy ass fine girls.

Guess the new features in the Latest Project QT MOD Apk

This Latest mod version of the project qt apk file is upgraded with a lot of new and interesting features. The previous versions had great features but with this update, Nutaku blessed us all with some magnificent features that every game player desires. In this latest update, the features included are going to improve the gameplay greatly and attract more games to lay this project qt mod game.

Full Installation Guide and Requirements For Project QT Mod Apk

download project qt apk

To enjoy this game smoothly on your smartphone device, there are a few system requirements you must have reach to enjoy this game to its fullest without any lags. The minimum system requirements to run Project Qt on your smartphone can be seen as follows:

  • Android Version of 5.0
  • 3GB RAM capacity or more
  • Over 70MB free of Storage Space.
  • Good Mobile processors with an interesting RepDex Mark

Installation Guide

Before you proceed to download the game, kindly ensure that your android device meets or hits the requirements to run this game to enjoy it 100% without lags. Follow our installation guide to download Project qt MOD APK.

  • Kindly tap on the Download Button
  • Wait for a few seconds for the download to begin after entering the download page.
  • Take note to do Allow Unknown Resources before preceding for the installation of the MOD Apk
  • You can now install the game after the download process.
  • Finding it difficult to allow unknown resources? then follow our steps

The Project QT Storyline

Project QT MOD story line

What you’ll receive in project qt is way more than puzzle game mechanics, you are going to experience amongst the best adventure of the multiverse! Take the hot babes and move to the most iconic worlds and join interesting boiling battles, the more progress you pour out on levels in the game, the much more fascinating hentai scenes would be unlocked and revealed to you that would leave you stunned.

Game centred on technology with a fiction background, Humans started research far way beyond the natural phenomenon of earth. So this experiment on cosmic black hole didn’t really go so well as place and in the north pole, another dimension linking to aliens then popped open.

Due to the experiment, the world drop into a boiling pot of chaos and at the other end of the black hole, monsters in form of beautiful girls emit out with a bad intention of conquering and destroying the earth. In other to curtail this incoming chaos, a group of girls stood up to fight against the evil.

Your job in this wonderful game is to build up your team forces to protect the earth and her mankind. These girls are crude in skills. so you would have to train them to their best abilities in order to protect the earth from danger. Figure out ways to find out their hidden skills and align their training according to the skills they possess.

Now Unlock Beautiful Monster Girls

project qt mod game character

Amongst these is the most unique and special features of the Project QT MOD Apk. In games, sexy ass girls are a very attractive feature that grabs the attention of mostly male game players, and the game developers know that. Also during the gameplay, every defeated character becomes your prisoner.

In several campaigns, each defeated tea has it ranked #1 member who is their commander, you can simply add the prisoner girl to your team and make use of her abilities when needed.

Project QT MOD APK v11.2 Download LATEST ADULT/ANIME VERSION: Mod Unlimited Character/Free Skill Gems

Gotta Level Up Fast

We’ve got you a fast level up process, this is completing your story stages and daily quests also. You would also earn tokes, for each level up that occurs you would need to earn over 850 expensive points, and that’s If you finish your daily quest.

With that, you would need to learn the basics of farming basics, preparing girls outfit and also sweeping levels. A new player may find it very easy to hit up to Level 30 by getting access to newbies tasks.

Project QT MOD Apk doesn’t focus only on girls development, but it also brings into view creative and engaging game modes. This makes the gameplay much fun and opens up different options for several gamers to taste the fashionista and uniqueness of this game.

Also, the game modes are all puzzle-related, but they differ in stiles and engages the player to combine spectacular combos to secure a win.

Not similar to the main game mode, extra modes ahow up only when there is a special event taking place, player may get alot of rare and special tokens fo upgrading their girl characters or the headqauaeters.

The Project QT Mod Apk File Information:

Project QT Mod Apk

App Name: Project QT Mod Apk
MOD .APK Features Unlimited Coins, Unlimited Gems, Infinite Arena Honor, Infinite Challenge Coins. God Mode, High Damage, Auto Win
Platform Android
Size 60M
Version 11.2
Genre Action, Simulation
Is Root Required? No
Pricing Free
Developer Nutaku

Special Features of Latest Project QT Mod:

The Project QT Mod Apk has so many special features see some features listed below:

  • Unlimited Coins
  • Automatic Win
  • Free to download(No Payment)
  • No need to root your Android device!
  • Unlimited Gems
  • Infinite Arena Honor
  • Totally Safe from Viruses
  • Compatible with several Android versions
  • Project QT Mod APK file has an easy installation.
  • Automatic update
  • Infinite Challenge Coins
  • Free to download
  • Auto-sync with the game
  • God Mode
  • High Damage
unlimited coins on project qt mod

Unlimited Coins

In this game, coins are a very essential form of currency, to grow your level and evolve girls, you would need coins, as well as upgrading monster girl skills, as it could also be utilized in Coin Summon. Several packages are required forever upgrade.

If you wish to enjoy your game with unlimited coins, then download our Project QT MOD APK game file, simple to download, FAST FREE AND EASY, No payment required.

Info About this game

If you are interested in adventure games, then you would want to taste the experience of this best action and adventure game with great animations.

Then you are here at the right platform, as we are going to tell you all about the game project qt. The game got some pretty much interesting features which are very special, and you would really enjoy them throughout your game play.

A game full fitted with action-adventure package released by the company Nutaku which are known for one of the bests in the creation of fantastic animation games, as project qt is one their lastest art piece with a very good standard.

Once you start playing this game, you are gonna love it, irrespective of the gender, whether a male or female, this game has a lot of special features left just for you!

You could also see about android emulators that allow you to run the project qt mod apk on your ios devices (such as iPhones, and iPad)

Although you may be thinking which is better to run the game between the iPhone and Android.

The Storyline that unfolds gradually in this game is so magnificent and brilliant, One playing the Project QT would really enjoy it, as the player would start playing the game in a developed environment with extremely gorgeous technologies.

He would see himself in another realm far more supernatural than eath. The game would also commence with a Cosmic Black hole in which everyone wants to know about.

The storyline of this game is kinda deep tho, An experiment of a blackhole was carried out at the north pole of the earth, although carried out by aliens from an unknown source.

As a player, you would look for monsters (aliens) pretending to be fine ass sexy girls, emitting from the other end of the black hole. The intentions of these monsters are to get into the earth and their thoughts towards earth are bad!

This would cause a catastrophe on earth, as all these monsters plan on bringing total destruction upon earth citizens. In order to stop this evil coming, you would raise up a team of girls (the earth defenders) and they would as well try to protect the earth and fight these monsters with evil plans towards the earth.

In this game (project qt mod apk), you’ll have to build up your own set of pretty as thick fine girls on earth. As you would select the best of the bests who can stand against these filthy monsters and defend earth from their evil.Download Project QT MOD APK for Unlimited Coins.

Information on the Gameplay screen

The top bar of the screen shows the following information:

  • AP– this is the stamina or energy level a player has during the time of gameplay.
  • Player Level– shows the level or ranking a player is at presently.
  • LEADER-it displays the leader of the team from the characters present for battle at that time.
  • NAME– It displays the name of the game player on the screen.
  • VIP Level– Over here, the player would be able to follow up on his present VIP Level status. If the player is on the VIP level, the advantages or benefits would be shown to him. The Game Player would also be revealed to what score would be needed to hit the next VIP level.
  • MENU– This would show the full drop-down of the settings available in the game in a view.
  • GEMS– gems are taken as the valued tokens or currency of the project qt mod apk, having a much higher value. The player could get more coins if he or she wants, just hit the “Plus” icon and that would lead him next to the shop.
  • COINS– coins are the general currency of the project qt game, every player would definitely need coins in almost all steps of this games. Any action taken on a character would definitely need coins. As the game player, you could buy or purchase much more coins from the shop in an exchange for gems. Although the number of times one can purchase coins is kinda limited and dependent on the VIP Level status. Get Unlimited Coins with Project QT MOD APK
Project QT hack

The Gaming info displayed on the right side of the screen shows the following:

  • Ranking
  • Mailbox
  • News
  • Achievements
  • Ranking
  • Album

The Gaming info displayed and showed on the central part of the screen shows the following:

  • Explore
  • Room
  • Tower
  • Arena
  • Portal
  • Story

The Gaming info viewed at the bottom section of the screen shows the following:

  • Event List– you can find this at the lower-left of the gaming display screen, this lists the events taking place at that time.
  • Chat– It makes it possible for a player to chat with other game players by hitting the button.
  • Main– It would redirect the game player to Project QT main page.
  • Character– Clicking on this button would carry the player to the characters page on project qt.
  • Bag– This option would display to the player all the items and tokens that have been collected in the course of the game.
  • Summon– The Player gets taken to the project qt summon page.
  • Shop– Hitting this option, the shop platform would pop up, there you can buy your coins and gems easily.
  • Friends– This button would then open up a page that would display the names of the friends of the game players who are running the game.

In this game, a playyer is able to win or earn bonuses daily, as ther is provisions for that. Each moment the game player logs or opens the game, some fanstastic bonuses would be given.

The bonuses would look much better each day that comes, say with the amount also. A player is able to get coins, gems, energy, tokens, dresses, and many other items as bonuses. Get Unlimited resources with our Project QT mod APK.

The Gaming Character

Project QT MOD APK Download Server

In the project qt mod apk, there are lots of superB characters available, and the plater would habe to build up a strong team with these characterds.

All charaters present in the project qt game are available on the “Character” option and the player can hit the button and easitly access the characters as said earlier above.

The game player can then view the character on his or her ream and also see the one that he or she doesn’t possess. The player can always upgrade the character he got in his team.

The game player could use two techniques to get five teams filled up. The first technique is by automating the members of the team at random, and the second is manually selecting it by himself or herself.

In the previous version, the game software would choose the characters, and in the early options, the player gets to choose what he/she wants.

The Gameplay

Project QT MOD Apk can be ranked up as one the best and top leading animation games available presently. It uses high definition and A-class graphics that grab the attention of every gamer. Beware of getting addicted to this awesome game once you download it and start playing.

How to download and install Project QT MOD APK on Android, Steps

The project qt mod apk file is sure very easy and smooth to install on your android phone:

  1. Firstly, Hit the download button just below
  2. Follow the instructions given on the download page
  3. Rest for a few seconds while the video gets to download
  4. Install the Project QT Mod Apk file on your Android device
  5. Follow all steps and procedures
  6. Run the mod apk and enjoy the game

NOTE: Allow installation from other sources in your settings on your mobile phone settings

    Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get Unlimited Coins in Project QT?

You can get unlimited coins in Project qt by downloading our project QT mod apk file on your android smartphone device. After this, you would be able to play the full game with unlimited coins.

How does this mod .apk work?

The Project QT mod .apk is similar to other normal .apk files. Just hit the Download button from our platform (RepDex), and download the mod .apk for free like a normal .apk file. Open and Run the app, as you would see your project qt account with unlimited tokens.

Is this MOD 100% safe to download?

Yes, the project QT is safest to download on our website, free of virus and No payment is required.


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