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Designing your phone with anime app icons might just be one of the sweetest things you need to do, especially if you already have a thing for anime.

Why won’t you, when anime has always pulled even adults glued to their TV and mobile devices, watching and watching series after series, episode after episode.

Series like the Naruto, Hajime no Ippo, Samurai Champloo, Fairy Tale and Hunter X Hunter have so much action, suspense, betrayal, bond and family, love and so many interesting scenes.

The hand or sword fighting, fictional powers, beautiful and handsome faces of these characters are so captivating and almost so real, not to talk of the story line.

You would almost want to wish you were in the anime series with powers of your own. As funny and weird as this may sound, some seriously have found themselves fantasizing in imaginations and interest.

Anyway, if you can wear their faces or logos on clothes, shoes or probably as toys for kids, you can also get their designs as icons on your phone or laptops.

Of course, why won’t you not want to design your mobile device with your favourite character whether your choice is a protagonist character or antagonist character.

In this article, we are going to teach you how to design your devices with anime app icons of your choice. So let’s get straight into it.


Just in case you are wondering what an app icon is, this is to your knowledge. Imagine this! The normal symbol of the “settings icon” on phone is this shape of machine.

You may have another symbol on your device but that shape is the most popular icon symbol of settings icon. Now, what if you have another design for your settings icon and it looks like “Naruto”. How cool is that? Check the pictures below to further see what we’re talking about.

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You’re getting the picture now right? Yeah that is what it is in summary. App icon is just any image, symbol or picture used as a representation of the main subject, in this case applications on mobile devices.

They are those pictures that help to add a little bit of taste and beauty to your applications on your phone or other devices. Plainly, it does not change the default function of the app, neither does it in any way affect the app’s performance in relation to speed or otherwise.

App icons are just used for the purpose of design and to customize your widgets and apps, presenting it in a more graphical or pictorial representation.

So, if you are a die hard anime fan, what are you waiting for? I mean, what better way to satisfy your anime thirst and hunger than giving your phone a special feature unlike the normal everyday designs.

Take your favourite anime icon designs with you everywhere you go. This is different from having anime as your wallpaper, the designs are entirely different, new and top notch.

Don’t be in a hurry, we are going to teach you how you can successfully upgrade your phones beauty and designs using that anime you love. Whichever your own favourite character is, this is how you can get their icons ready to roll.


To get your anime icon fully ready, you need to carefully follow these steps for your designs to be successfully made to give you the perfect satisfaction

Step 1: Get Your Icons

You can do this in 2 special ways

  • Create Your Own: If you are good in creating and designing graphics, you can create your own unique style. This will be yours personally, with no one else having the same customized icon, it will be your own personal signature phone. You can add as much effects as you want for it to be suitable and beautiful. Designing Apps are there to help you. Some are Procreate, Canva, Snappa, Pixlr, Adobe Illustrator and others. Procreate is for iPad users because it uses Apple pencil, while Canva, Snappa, Pixlr and Adobe Illustrator are all available on iOS and mobile devices.
  • Download Ready-made Icons: Well not everyone is into graphics editing. If you’re part of this group, why don’t you opt for downloading previously made anime icons. Visit Iconfinder via to get latest icons or Findicon via You can also download Pinterest or Dribbble on your iOS or Android mobile devices. You can also go online to download by typing download anime icons on your browser

Step 2: Download Icon Changer

After downloading your icon of your choice, download the Icon Changer app. You can select from these ones

  • MyICON – Icon Changer (Android)
  • Native app (iOS)
  • Ume Icon Changer (Android)
  • Launcher Centre Pro (iOS)
  • Icon Changer (Android) and iCon Changer app (iOS)
  • X Icon Changer (Android)


Since all icon Changer apps for Android devices run almost similarly, we would take “Ume Icon Changer” for example. After the download and installation is complete, launch the app. You will choose the app to customize the icon, take messages for instance.

After your selection, you will be asked to choose the shape you want the new icon to take. Then, you will select the new app icon from your gallery or library.

Tap OK when the selection is complete and add the app shortcut with the anime app icon you have just changed to the home screen of your mobile device. After you have successfully completed this process for messages, change the other apps as you wish following the same process.


For iOS users. This is how you change your app icon. Open the shortcuts app on your phone and tap the plus (+) to open up another shortcut, then select the apps and address bar. Type ‘Open App’ on the search bar and select corresponding result.

After this, make app selection to open this shortcut command and select ‘Details’. Add to home screen and type in the shortcut’s name. Tap the icon beside the name of the shortcut and you are good to go.

Step 3: Hide Default Apps

To hide apps on Android, tap and hold an empty space on your home screen. Among the icons that will pop up, you’ll see “Home screen settings”. Tap the icon and scroll down to see “Hide apps”. Select the apps to hide and tap “Done”.

On iOS, you can not hide apps directly but you can indirectly. What you can do is to create a empty folder and move the default apps to the folder so that it won’t appear on the phone screen.


One of the features that gives your phone a brand look is anime app icons. So, get to work and renew the look of your phone. Take care to use that anime that will blend in, giving your phone that perfect look of style and design.


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