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A Rainbow Kiss well defined

Have you ever heard of Rainbow Kiss? Well this Rainbow Kiss is not the play written by Simon Farquhar (the Scottish writer) and published by Oberon Books.

Did you hear about it from a friend, colleague or probably from the press? What was the first thing that came to your mind when you first heard of it? You should know that it is just any kiss that you can do with your boyfriend or lover.

Are you thinking it is just another kiss that you will just do with your lover? Well think again. Don’t you want to know everything there is to know about this kiss before you go lovey-dovey? Then this article is for you.

Among the latest sexual practices trending right now, Rainbow Kiss is one of them. It’s not just a connection of the lips or just a kiss of mouth and tongue, like the French Kiss or Lizzy Kiss.

Today, we will be talking about the Rainbow kiss and everything you need to know about it, no more suspense. Below contains what we would be discussing in the article:

  1. Origin of Rainbow kiss.
  2. What is Rainbow kiss?
  3. How is Rainbow Kiss done?
  4. What are the dangers of Rainbow kiss?
  5. Should you do Rainbow kiss?
  6. Conclusion.



Rainbow kiss frankly got its origin from the popular oral sex. This is simply the goading of the genitals or external sex organs using the mouth and tongue. Yeah, crazy right? Here’s more.

It is a sex practice where there is a sensation amusement caused by mouth caressing of the genitals.

Simply put, the man would put his sex organ (you know what that is) into the mouth of the woman and she would stroke it , using her mouth and tongue until he reaches climax and releases into her mouth.

The woman can otherwise do this too in her own way, when the man caresses her sex organ (you also know what that is) using his tongue.

Doing this causes a ‘top of the world sexual feeling’ and she releases into his mouth.

The caressing of the male sex genital is popularly known as fellatio. Others know it as blowjob, french, gobby, nosh and penilingus.

The caressing of the female sex genital is called cunnilingus. Others know is as bowcat, cuntlicker and muff-diving. Even though this act was forbidden and despicable in ancient times, it has become a modern way of making love.

These sexual acts are in our modern day done by teenagers and young adults who involve themselves all in the name of love, even though some only do them for the fun of it.

A survey conducted by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in 2012 showed a result that states, ‘81 percent of females whose age falls between the range 20 to 24 had engaged in oral sex, and 80 percent between the same age range had engaged in oral sex’.

These youngster wants to enjoy the pleasure of having sex, yet they want to abstain from it. So they, not having to make love per se get down to oral sex.

All these ideas of sex formed and established the foundation of Rainbow kiss. Basically, the Rainbow Kiss is like an advanced oral sex, because of the exchange of some body fluids in the mouth.


You are curious about what it is right? And which body fluid is been exchanged? Continue reading this article and you will understand better.


Rainbow kiss is defined as a sexual practice where, when the woman is on her period (menstruating) both partners would oral sex each other at the same time. Yeah that is what it is.

rainbow kiss definition

Let’s make it clear.

This sexual practice happens when, the woman would stroke the sex organ of the man until he reaches climax. Then he releases his semen into the mouth of the woman. (Nah it is not what you are thinking, she is not swallowing it). After this, the man with the woman’s menstrual blood in his mouth kisses the woman with his semen in her mouth. He will not swallow it (super gross , right). The collision of the two body fluids all in the mouth is called Rainbow Kiss. So, homosexuals can not do this sexual act. There has to be an exchange of body fluids.

According to Urban Dictionary, Rainbow kiss is defined as When a guy gives head to a girl while she is having her period, and gets all the blood in his mouth. And a girl gives a guy head, and gets cum in her mouth, and they kiss each other mixing the blood and the cum together’.

The woman gives the man a blow job and the man gives the woman a bowcat. The release is made and the semen in the mouth of the woman while the menstrual blood in the mouth of the man.

The mouths come in contact and the two starts kissing which eventually becomes forms a Rainbow when the fluids mix.

It is also when a female gives her male partner fellatio and gets the cum while the male gives head to the male while she is having her menstruation on and takes in the blood in his mouth.

With both the cum in her mouth and the blood on his mouth, the partners kisses each other, mixing and mingling the blood and the cum together at the same time.

Yeah, what it is what it is. The performing act has to be in ‘returning the favour’ action, where the woman would have the oral sex performed on her and she would replicate the sexual act with the blood of her menstruation and the semen combining to form a mouth kiss at the final stage.

Weird right? Maybe even gross. But that’s how it is done. Whether you think it is what you need to spice up your sexual life, or probably you want to just have a taste of what it feels like for an experience, get ready to get some gross liquid in your mouth (if you have the belly for it).

If you as a lady want to Rainbow Kiss, be prepared to get semen in your mouth and have your period blood in your man’s mouth, you will kiss him and perform a mouth-mix of each liquid. A rainbow is made when the male and female mix the fluids together.

And if you are a man who wants to practice the Rainbow Kiss, you need to have a lot of guts (like super guts) to hold in your mouth the menstrual blood of your partner.

Reports revealed that only ‘crazy sex partners’ who wants to try something different from what they have been practicing before involve in Rainbow Kiss.


How to perform a rainbow kiss is quite simple, adverse to opinions of people that it is complex and complicated. What you need to Rainbow kiss is

  1. A male and a female.
  2. Sex position, preferably 69.
  3. Semen and menstrual blood.
  4. An experience in kissing.

Let bring it down to a better understanding. Of course there has to be a male and a female, it is not masturbation or homosexual act. The semen fluid from the male and the menstrual blood from the woman. And then, the famous ’69 POSITION’ comes into use.


If you don’t know the 69 position, then this is an opportunity for you to get the hang of it. The 69 sex position, otherwise known as 69ing is one of the most popular and most used position during love making. It is mostly use to execute an oral sex perfectly.

It is a position that allows sex partners oral sex one another simultaneously.

To execute this position perfectly, one partner has to lie down in a perpendicular position, while the other partner lies on top facing him or her, while the legs face the head and the head face the legs. It is like facing downwards in an opposite way towards the partner below.

In this way, the male’s head (if he is the one below) would face the sex genital of the female and the head of the female would face the sex genital of the male, providing the room for oral sex.

That’s probably where its name came from ‘69’, imagine your partner’s head as the round part of the numbers. Fellatio and Cunnilingus are perfectly performed, with the man licking or caressing the clitoris of the woman and the woman stroking the cap of the man’s sex organ.

This position can also be done in various ways. One of them apart from the up to down way is the side to side.

Instead of facing downward and upward the partners would face sideways in an opposite manner and have the heads facing the genitals of each partner.

Also, if you do not have experience in kissing, I advised not to try this. Rainbow kiss is not for beginners, neither is it for youngsters.

Even though it can be awkward (especially for those whose heights are not in anyway the same), it can also be a top notch sexual experience between you and your partner, making you to be super intimate and get that awe-inspiring experience you are looking for.



The dangers attached with this sexual practice is not in any way minimal at all. So many things are at risk with it. Your pride, trust, love and health are all punctured if you end up rainbow kissing the wrong person. Below is a list of some of the dangers attached to Rainbow Kiss:

    1. If done with the wrong person, he or she would end up treating you with dishonour, contempt and shame. You will not be comfortable knowing that you just took in your mouth the semen of a badass guy or the menstrual blood of the wrong woman in your mouth, neither will you be at ease knowing that you just gave your menstrual blood to the wrong guy (you understand that, don’t you?)
    2. Your trust is shattered and broken after you have rainbow kissed if the partner you were looking forward to be with breaks up with you. You surely don’t want that, do you?
    3. Your love becomes a ‘tragedy’ and then, the world’s just not fair. Everyone deserves to be loved right? Well, love right.
    4. The most important is your health. When you rainbow kiss someone, there is a risk of spread of infection and disease. These diseases are synonymous to the ones that are conveyed through bodily fluids (semen, blood and the likes). The diseases includes Syphilis, Genital Herpes, Gonorrhoea, and so on. Infected penis, infected rectum and infected vagina can cause Chlamydia. When you get oral sex from a male or female partner that has Chlamydia, there a chance you will get it to. Other infections you can get includes Hepatitis and HIV/AIDS. These diseases are transmitted through blood, semen and other bodily fluids. You may be exposed to one or more of these diseases. Also, you are exposed to Human Papillomavirus (HPV) which can cause throat cancer. A research that was published around 2007 in The New England Journal Of Medicine revealed that there is a great risk for people that practiced oral sex with different partners (at least six) to have Oropharyngeal cancer(cancer of the oropharynx).



Whether you should do a rainbow kiss or not is a decision you have to make. There a lot of factors to consider before you can go ahead to rainbow kiss your partner. Opinions and ideas differs, because humans see things differently, from their point of views.

The way love is expressed in sexual action also differs from each other. If you ask some, they’ll tell you this sexual practice is actually enjoyable and pleasurable. Others will tell you it is gross and conspicuously offensive.

In a good way, bonds get stronger and more intimate because the rainbow kiss is only performed by couples or lovers who really love and trust each other to the sky. The same way, it can be risky and health flawed.

If you want to go for this very climatic sexual experience, it is fair to open it for discussion with your partner and if both of you are up for it perfectly, you can go for it. Some female partners do not like making love while they are on their period, it’s just to gross to them.

Other believe that exchange of blood to who they love is what they give anything for to do. However, you should not in any way rainbow kiss a short term lover, or a one-time or occasional sex.

Before you engage in this act, it is best for you and your partner to go for a test, you know to be sure that you are both free from infections. Also, both partners must have high level of trust for each other and confidence, because this sexual act can be as scary as its name.


The idea to go for or not into Rainbow Kiss is a personal decision you have to make, irrespective what other people say. Oral sex itself is a wild one, making rainbow kiss a ‘take me to the clouds’ experience.

A newly conducted research reported the health benefits in oral sex for the females when it compared the statistics and data gathered from the sex lives of 293 females in relation to their mental health.

It states that ‘the mood altering chemicals in the men’s semen is good for the health of the women and makes them feels happier’. Semen also contains ‘chemicals in the fluid that can elevate mood, increases the level of affection towards their partner and it also has anti-depressants. This is caused by the presence of Cortisol and Estrone. The anti-depressants are thyrotropin, melatonin and serotonin’.

Apart from the main benefit of Rainbow Kissing which is the communication of pleasures, desires and to know and get a good understanding of the your partner’s body and your own body, it is also a good relaxation exercise.

It’s what should only done engaged in and enjoyed (in a weird way) by those with a lot of sexual commitment. It may be ugly at first, but then you and your partner will surely get the hang of it.

However, as good as it is, it can also be dangerous. Among all other sexual plays, it may perhaps be the most dangerous.

This is why is should be tried with a partner you do not know or understand too well. You should also consult the opinion of your partner before you do this.

Not everyone likes to be sexually messy and gross, especially in the mouth. It even pisses some people off, so you do not need to force if. It may be your worst sexual nightmare.




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