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3 of the Best NBA 2K Titles to Play in 2021 1

During the offseason, remain connected to the world of basketball with these entertaining NBA-themed games

By now it’s common knowledge that the Milwaukee Bucks managed to secure their first NBA Finals Championship title since 1971 just a few weeks ago in late July. Led by power forward Giannis Antetokounmpo, the franchise came out victorious against the Phoenix Suns in a nail-biting match that saw the Bucks win 105-98.

Now, players from all 30 franchises are taking a well-deserved break in the off-season, with games set to resume on October 19th. Expert pundits are already breaking down the top NBA betting odds, analyzing who exactly the contenders are for these new groups of matchups, but supporters will still need to wait over two months for opening night. That’s why, until then, we have decided to help fans survive the dry period with none other than basketball video games, namely three of the best titles from the famous NBA 2K series. Without further ado, here they are.

NBA 2K14

One of the best-selling instalments in the series at the time of its release, NBA 2K14 launched at the same time as new consoles PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, which could be one reason for its extreme popularity. It also featured new and improved graphics and introduced players to “The Park,” a gaming mode that would come to be present in most titles after and gave users the opportunity to take their player off the indoor court and onto the street to play in different parks.

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NBA 2k2

Taking it back to the early years of the video game series, NBA 2k2 was only the third game to be released, launching in 2001. However, it featured some hugely important changes such as realistic player abilities and added modes that helped gameplay to become more fluid. It was also adaptable for play on all the major consoles from PlayStation to Xbox and even Gamecube which meant that more gamers were able to enjoy it. Today it is still a classic and memorable title.

3 of the Best NBA 2K Titles to Play in 2021 2

Nowadays, many NBA 2K titles in the series are available for play on both PlayStation and Xbox consoles

NBA 2K17

Last but not least, the NBA 2K17 instalment that was released in 2017 gave players a basketball gameplay simulation that was unlike anything before it. This edition introduced expansion modes where all 30 teams had the ability to be relocated and players could now create their own leagues, customizing aspects like rosters and even rules.

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